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GNSS post-processing expert

What we do

Simulation of high-quality permanent GNSS stations

Enjoy the VRS algorithm to generate what you would measure yourself on the field.

Compute the geolocation of GNSS receivers, from high-end models to low-cost boards.

Handle SPP, differential GNSS and PPP algorithms to meet quickly and efficiently your positioning needs.

Home-made development to meet your needs

Go beyond current softwares limitations.

GNSS post-processing fields of use

Mobile Mapping and land surveying

To compute RTK base station or a pivot-free trajectory.

Internet of Things

To get the geolocation of connected GNSS chips

replay and check of real-time GNSS

An independent computation to check and validate positions from a real-time positioning process

Our innovative products are conceived to have an adaptability level the current wide-scope solutions would not reach.

Our algorithm are available on GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou signals, single or multi-band, to a rate of 10 Hz.

Some use cases

mobile mapping rinex

Compute your Mobile Mapping System trajectory

Make your life easier !

Stop using GNSS pivots and go for virtual reference stations. Create as many as required, wherever they’re required. Allow your material and human resources somewhere else !

coordonnées XYZ

Get XYZ coordinates of your receiver

Please trust us to do this !

Thanks to our high-quality geodetic algorithms, get precise coordinates even within a low CORS-density area.

coordonnées rinex

A 10-minute recording session to get precise coordinates

Remember when you had to stay for hours on the same point ?

You have no choice but record a short session instead of a long one as the state-of-the-art requests ? Our high-quality virtual RINEX files make most part of the job. You can use them to get precise coordinates even with short observations range !

réseau de point de premier ordre

Compute a first order reference network

Save your time

Set virtual reference stations to simulate a balanced CORS network around your points network. Shorten your measuring time !

recepteur monofrequence

Get precise geolocation of a low-cost GNSS chip

It’s much cheaper than a multi-band receiver !

With the PPP algorithm, the positioning accuracy is enhanced in the whole world. GNSS chips embedded in your systems may be located from the meter to the centimeter level !

Looking for a precise GNSS geolocation expert ?

The RINEX file

What’s a RINEX file ?


A RINEX file contains satellites raw data. It is output by GNSS receivers (GNSS : Global Navigation Satellite System). RINEX is actually the standardized format, a RINEX file being a file respecting this format. In the file, for each recorded epoch, there is a list of the available observables value, especially the code and phase value, for every tracked satellite at the recording time. Those values are used as distances between the satellite and the receiver.

For what purposes ?

The raw data written in a RINEX file can be used for several tasks, such as coordinates computation, ionospheric or tropospheric activity surveys, GNSS antennas calibration, and more. To learn more on the topic, FB SOLUTIONS recommends the official documentation.

Have you heard about the virtual RINEX files ?

What’s a virtual RINEX file ?

A RINEX file is called virtual when raw data have not been really measured by a receiver but have been computed. The virtual data are derived from surrounding CORS observations thanks to interpolation methods. GNSS signals can be estimated anywhere within a CORS network. It is then possible to simulate a CORS right on your working location !

Why would you use virtual RINEX files ?

It is so much easier to make a precise georeferencing of your GNSS receiver. The baseline between reference station and rover is as short as possible. So the minimal amount of required raw data goes to its lowest level. You can even get precise coordinates of a single-band receiver, which is hard in most cases.

Pivots become useless. Why would you set a GNSS receiver and an operator to this task when you can have the same result with a virtual RINEX file ? Failures or thefts can also occur. Just set freely every virtual pivots you need for your operation. They can even be set indoors or at a drone height.

virtual station

Our Business

We propose to accompany you on your projects requiring precise geolocation by GNSS post-processing.

On-demand processing

To quickly meet your needs. The charge grows with the amount of data to be processed. Good for a one-day shot !


Enjoy flexibility. Subscribe to a monthly licence with illimited use of the services. Perfect to match your growing needs.

Custom software

Have a project about precise GNSS geolocation ? Let’s build the right tool for you !


We are committed to the Geopositionnement commission, part of CNIG, the French institution dealing with Geographic Information at a national level.
The commission hosts working groups gathering experts from IGN – National Geographic Institute, SHOM – National Hydrographic Service, public services, worldwide companies, and more.

Glossary of GNSS for positioning (FR)

Geopositionnement commission, CNIG, Duquenne F. et al.

Work methods within GNSS networks (FR)

Legros R., Morel L., Viguier F., Birot F., 2013

Contact us

Need something that relies on precise GNSS geolocation ? Your project is about having coordinates of your professional device, chip or board ? The FB SOLUTIONS team is here for you. Please contact us to explain what you need.

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