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Take advantage of fully automated solutions to get centimeter accuracy


"RinexPro is currently the only independent web-calculator"

Why our service is unique

As precise geolocation experts, we managed to make an all-in-one processing operation to substitute a not-so-new yet very rigorous computation task. RinexPro brings the GNSS post-processing to a whole new level. What was once the prerogative of the most talented engineers is now fully automated. We are totally independent of the hardware manufacturers. You may use our service whatever the brand of your device.

We created a RestFul API to run our algorithms, which has never been done before in the GNSS professionnal field. The developers and services editors can easily integrate those processes in their software. No more than a few lines of code are necessary to run the most complex task. To go even quicker, we made a public Python SDK called pyRinexpro.